Dream BIG!

Hi beautiful and exciting people.  Thank you so much for stopping by and welcome to what I hope to be my new insightful, informative, and inspiring new blog TheCarolLife.com.   This is my very first post.  It took me the longest time to write this post because I was so afraid and confused as to what write to you about.  I was literally petrified, but this community felt so comfortable and inviting that I decided to plunge ahead. 

 I thought very long and very hard about who I am and what  I want to say to my awesome new friends.  First off, I want to ask you to dream BIG.  Live your dreams, follow your passions and live your truth.  I thought about my life, my passions and my truth with you in mind and how I envision the future.  I thought about what my new friends may want and I concluded that you all want the same things that I want.  You want to live your biggest dreams, be happy and provide a good life for yourself and your family.  Maybe even bring positive change to the world, whatever your dream may be, it should be BIG.

Recently, I had a rather disturbing conversation with one of my closest friends about dreams and happiness and I must admit, it shook me up a little.  I was contemplating my life and goals, as I often do, and my friend totally surprised me and stopped me dead in my tracks when he said the reason he didn’t have any disappointing expectations was because he dreamed small.  I was stunned, infuriated and a little sad when I hear this frightening declaration.

Can you imagine that?  Someone saying you should dream small. It struck my nerves a bit because I recently promised myself that I will fulfill my hopes, my dreams, start a business, a blog, write a novel—-well maybe,  volunteer more, inspire people and not limit myself.  Not to dream small but to dream BIG!!!!.  WTF!!! Sorry for the language but dreaming small is not the answer?  What kind of life would that be?  How absurd. To dream small means to live small and I want something better for me, for you, for all of us.
I  feel that I have dreamed small for the better part of my life and it’s time for a change.  We should dream BIG and live our truth, (whatever that may be).  If we don’t, we will totally miss out on happiness and fulfillment.  I am not ready for that to happen——-Are you?   

Let me know what you think?
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Remember to always dream big and live your truth!




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